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Outdoor lighting and Landscape Lighting done right with LED or Mercury Vapor lamps by the highly experienced people at the World's Premier Landscape Illumination Firm! If you are looking for an outdoor lighting company to provide you with a truly custom design, you have come to the best of the best. We have clientele in and around Tulsa, OK, but we are able to travel anywhere premier custom lighting is needed.

Since 1952, John Watson Landscape Illumination (JWLI) has pioneered the landscape illumination and outdoor lighting industry,
and grown to be the leading design-build firm worldwide.

Luxury Residential
Create your personal nighttime illumination ambiance for all security and safety concerns.
Sophisticated Commercial
Increase aesthetic and safety illumination, while reducing energy consumption costs.
LED Retrofit or Conversion?
Go “green” by converting your existing lighting system to LED without sacrificing illumination effect.
Stress-Free Maintenance
Do you know how tree growth, burnouts and storms impact your illumination design?

Comprehensive Outdoor Lighting Design-Build Process

We don’t just throw lights into trees! Just as you might use a professional architect to design the house of your dreams, or an attorney to protect your family and wealth, we professionally add value to your property with the dramatics of Moonlighting.

We can handle projects and customers of all sizes. As you can see by the small Celebrity Clientele list below, we have been providing the best for many years!

outdoor lighting for tulsa oklahomaWe are unique in the industry, we offer a design-build approach. This means your project coordinator personally oversees all steps in this design implementation, plan approvals, electrical requirements*, fixture development, onsite installation, system function, punch list items, and the final review for adjustments that we call a night set. This is a team effort of our professionals coordinated by a single contact for your project. Your continued satisfaction is our goal!

There are many considerations to cover before we create your custom landscape illumination design. We spend the time to address your specific aesthetic goals, security and safety concerns. Usually, we start with a complimentary consultation to explore the needs of the client, leading to a preliminary design sketch for contract approval. We walk the gardens, review how exterior lighting might affect the inside of your home. We evaluate energy efficient ideas, lighting colors and techniques, give you awareness of options for implementation and budget, discuss the design’s warranty and longevity protection for continued maintenance, including annual design reviews. Once an understanding is reached, our short contract itemizes for you the work to be done, time frame for installation, and fixtures required. The contract terms are 50% required at signing to defray the cost of equipment and any necessary plans/permits required, 50% final balance due upon completion of the final night set.

We custom build our JWLI lighting units. They have the “Watson” camouflage green that blends in almost everywhere. Many have tried to copy our fixtures, it’s a complement. Many of our units are still in use since 1952, you might have enjoyed them at your venerable local country club. As industry leader, our long experience has developed equipment and techniques to address each particular need you may have, or we will build it!

“Worldwide – the finest landscape illumination” 

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