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Landscape Lighting Design Process

Our signature, design-built “Moonlighting” process means the design, equipment and installation will be handled in-house by our firm.


We fulfill the aesthetic expectations of landscape and architectural professionals around the globe to create the perfect nighttime ambiance, using our signature, design-built “moonlighting” to recreate the lighting of the moon onto your property.


Increase security around your property by properly lighting the area around your property, whether it be driveways, gated entrances, garden areas, or home. Further making criminal activity a thing of the past.


Our landscape lighting creates a field of vision appropriate for the perfect nighttime ambiance, lighting up your pathways for safe navigation. Plus illuminating those dark hiding spots so nothing is lurking in the shadows around your property.

Discover the Magic of Moonlight

Landscape illumination will light up your home in a way that walking your property feels enchanting, safe, and most importantly secure from any hidden criminal activity that may have prevented you from exploring your property before. Landscape illumination can be used to light up any parts of your home whether it be your gardens, tennis courts, sculptures, or even open pastures so that animal activity, such as deer, can be seen at night, grazing the moonlit fields. JWLI landscape illumination designs will transform your property into a safe and secure dwelling that provides a warm feeling, enticing guests to be invited into your home. Our comprehensive design process is divided into four steps:

Background Plan

First, Mr. Watson personally creates your illumination design to cover any and all security, safety and aesthetic concerns to finalize the perfect nighttime ambiance. We can accomplish this by either onsite visits or computer CAD-related landscape architecture plans and photos.

Conceptual Presentation Plan

Second, the presentation plan is envisioned and finalized. This colorful layout describes the different types of illumination and the coverage of the lighting effect. This important process validates to our clientele that each area and concern has been addressed.

Electrical Plan

Third, the electrical design plan is established after areas of illumination, budgets and timing have been finalized. This plan discusses all electrical needs ranging from location of power needed to total amperage/wattage for circuitry layout and activation.

Fixture Design Plan

Last, the lighting fixture installation plan is developed. All specifications of the equipment to be used, locations of the lighting units in the trees or ground-mounted and installation procedures are covered.

Custom Lighting Techniques

John Watson Landscape Illumination handles every type of lighting from Mercury Vapor gas discharge, to LEDs, to custom moonlight units in three different colors. We make all our own equipment and have our own expert installation team. Each illumination design plan will outline specified lighting equipment and quantities. This assists owners and their professionals in finalizing permits and circuitry before installation begins.