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Commercial Landscape Lighting

Increase aesthetics around the property for guests, while reducing energy consumption and maintenance expenses. We design lighting for luxury hotels and resorts, universities, hospitals, office complexes, and more.

Comprehensive Design Process

We don’t just throw lights into trees! There are many considerations to cover before we create your custom landscape illumination design. We address your specific security and safety concerns; discuss aesthetic beauty and walk the gardens and inside your home to make sure your illumination nighttime ambiance will be appreciated every day of the year. We also review energy efficient ideas, continued maintenance and annual design reviews to make sure everything looks as beautiful as the first night. Our JWLI custom lighting units are created to address each particular need. First, we create and finalize the illumination design for client approval. Second, we make the JWLI custom equipment to specifically accommodate that design plan. Lastly, we have our own experienced, trained technicians that install the lighting units exactly per the design specifications. This “comprehensive process” is imperative, to have consistency with both light intensity and color, in order to create the most beautiful landscape illumination in the world!

Background Plan

We will visit your property and create your custom illumination design to address aesthetics, plus any security, safety, and energy efficiency concerns.

Conceptual Presentation Plan

Illustrates our vision for the types of illumination and lighting effects. Also validates that each area and concern has been addressed.

Electrical Plan

Outlines all electrical needs ranging from location of power, to total amperage/wattage for circuitry layout and activation.

Fixture Design Plan

Provides detailed specifications on type of equipment, locations of the lighting units in the trees or ground-mounted, and installation procedures.

Our Prestigious Clientele

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Luxury Residential

Create your personal nighttime illumination ambiance for all security & safety concerns.

Stress-Free Maintenance

Do you know tree growth, burnouts & storms impact your illumination design?

LED Retrofit Conversions

Go “green” by converting your existing lighting system to LED without sacrificing illumination effect.