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Landscape Maintenance Program

Our “stress-free” maintenance ensures your personal JWLI design will continue to perform as initially designed year-after-year.

Yearly Storms

Weather, such as thunderstorms, ice storms, wind damage and hail will cause branches to break or lens to fracture.

Tree Growth

Tree growth, such as suckers, will cause your landscape illumination to lose its original beauty by causing too many shadows.

Lamp Burnouts

In addition to environmental factors, the lifespan of the lamps used will lead to burnouts and weak lamps overtime.

Maintain Your Lighting Investment

Our attention to detail doesn’t stop after the initial design plan is implemented. We recommend our specialists come out annually to maintain your JWLI design properly. Sure, someone else could change light bulbs and trim trees, but what are the odds of them doing it right? Each one of our JWLI custom lighting units has over 142 adjustments to get the perfect lighting effect. We have not only our main headquarters, but also company vehicles full of custom equipment for maintenance purposes and any design enhancement ideas. In addition, we prune and sculpt your trees to get the perfect annual “Moonshadow” effect for all safety, security and aesthetic purposes.

Sign up for our maintenance program

Don’t stress over maintenance! We’ll do the dirty work. Our personnel and teams will schedule an appointment to come out at least once a year to maintain your personal illumination design, so you can sit back and enjoy the beauty 365 nights a year. We offer an overall maintenance assessment to outline the work that will best fit your needs.

A typical maintenance plan includes:

  • Trimming new tree growth to enhance light and “Moonshadow” effects
  • Checking all fixtures for misalignment and relocation if necessary
  • Replacing burned out/damaged bulbs, and/or lamps that are near the end of their lamp life
  • Replacing worn out recessed gaskets and maintaining our “French drain” recess holes to maximize light output and increase longevity
  • Checking all wiring and activation devices, as well as offering the newest technology in astronomic controlled systems

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Sophisticated Commercial

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LED Retrofit Conversions

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