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Retrofit LED Lights

Are you living in a neighborhood with high energy costs or lighting restrictions?
If you want to “go green”, we can retrofit your outdated illumination equipment with energy efficient LED lighting.

Conversion Considerations

For many years, we have used predominately mercury vapor light bulbs to recreate our signature “Moonlight” effect. Now, thanks to recent advances in LED technology, we can reproduce a similar effect at a fraction of the energy cost. Yes, there are plenty of companies who handle retrofit conversions, but beware! They often buy their equipment through a low quality resource, and use generic, popular wattage bulbs to get the cheapest price, resulting in blas√©, generic lighting effects. Put your personal landscape illumination needs in the hands of JWLI, with over 66 years of experience.

Mercury Vapor HID

The consistent, soft and subtle glow by a single Mercury Vapor lamp imitates natural “Moonlight”.

Moonlight LED

We use our custom LED lamps and “Moonlight” lens to achieve a similar Kelvin hue and light intensity.

Cool White LED

If an area needs more intense lighting, for safety or security, we can adjust to brighter Kelvin color temperature lamps.

Trust the Experts

With LED technology on the rise, so are fly-by-night electrical contractors and installation companies. Don’t trust your lighting investment to just anyone! John Watson Landscape Illumination has teams of experienced crew chiefs and expert installers that travel to locations around the world to take care of each individual customer’s lighting needs. It’s what we do day in and day out, and that’s why we’re the best! We have the ability to create a nighttime ambiance with the mixture of the best type of light and usage of that light. It is very important to make sure that even though there’s different size trees and different illumination effects, that you have the same brightness throughout your garden. We want the full moon effect every night to paint shadows across your entire garden and architectural areas.

Start with a Retrofit Assessment

Aesthetics and safety are only part of the equation when considering retrofit conversions. Understanding electrical consumption costs, future maintenance expenses and initial investment and choice will enable you to make a more informed choice. Book an LED Retrofit Assessment so we can begin the process of visiting your property, outline all costs and answer any questions.

Benefits of converting to LED:

  • Savings of up to 70-80% on electrical usage
  • LED lamps last twice as long as their mercury vapor counterparts
  • LED lamps produce the same intensity in most cases
  • LEDs come in four different Kelvin color temperatures

Explore additional options

Luxury Residential

Create your personal nighttime illumination ambiance for all security & safety concerns.

Sophisticated Commercial

Increase aesthetic and safety illumination, while reducing energy consumption costs.

Stress-Free Maintenance

Do you know tree growth, burnouts & storms impact your illumination design?